The 2018-19 Wrestling Season is nearly here!

Posted by HF ELITE WC on Aug 18 2018 at 02:26PM PDT in 2018-2019

Good Afternoon -

As you know the best part of the end of the summer is that the wrestling season is just around the corner.

We haven’t finalized our 2018-19 information due to potential changes being considered by the IKWF. We will be sending out a few sets of information over the next several weeks.

The IKWF board will meet tomorrow to discuss and finalize the rules for the upcoming season.

There are significant changes proposed including the division’s age classifications (for example Senior has historically been 13-14, 12 years can choose to wrestle up; there is a proposal to mandatorily inclusion of 12s, thereby a 12-year-old would not be eligible to wrestle Novice)

We will send out the finalized rules in next few weeks.

Ahead of that, we will have a few information posts starting with 2018-2019 IKWF Calendar below

IKWF Board Meeting, August 19th

This Sunday’s meeting starts at 9 am due to the large number of proposals for by-law changes. As a reminder, only voting and non-voting board members will be acknowledged during the discussion of each proposal.

Important Dates for 2018-19

October 14th – IKWF General Board Meeting @ the IKWF Office, 10:30 am
November 24th – Deadline for wrestlers to declare their club affiliation (if their membership was purchased for preseason training purposes or as an unattached wrestler).
December 1st – IKWF Competition Start Date
January 19th & 20th – Jon Davis Kids Open, Springfield
January 27th – Dual Meet State Championships
February 23rd or 24th – IKWF Regionals
March 2nd – IKWF Sectionals
March 7th, 8th, & 9th – IKWF State Championships, Rockford
April 14th – IKWF General Board Meeting @ the IKWF Office, 10:30 am
August 11th – IKWF General Board Meeting @ the IKWF Office, 10:30 am

Any questions, please ask.


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